Be An Agent Of Change- Brands In Focus

May 31, 2016

Brands In FocusStarted by the World Fair Trade Organization in 2001, the World Fair Trade Day is almost upon us.

Falling on the second Saturday of May every year, this initiative recognizes ethical brands in every industry which offer tangible results in fight against exploitation, poverty, climate change, economic crisis or factors that have the greatest negative impact on vulnerable populations of the world.

Role of Trade in Rising Consumerism and Economic Disadvantage

The world’s trade sector has an incredible responsibility when it comes to providing a sustainable and non-vulnerable livelihood to the people who run the mill, i.e. producers and craftsmen. While many traders exploit producers in the world, there’re still others who support and contribute to the growth of Fair Trade, in their home as well as globally.

In Recognition of World Fair Trade Day –Celebrating Brands Bringing Change

We’ll do this by profiling independent clothing brands that come under the supporting banner of Nomad Tribe. All brands, whether selling Fair Trade approved clothing, bags, or beautiful jewelry are agents of change, in their own way.


In the Northern region of Ghana lies a small village. Beautiful hamlets scatter over the savannah as far as the eyes can see. It’s here that a group of local artisan weavers create beautiful accessories. Made from colorful raffia and leather, the women (and some men) artisans weave handbags. What is so unique about this?

Taking help from skills and techniques that are unique to this part of Ghana and passed down generation by generation, A.A.K.S brings top quality to its customers.  


SanCròOriginality and sustainability were the factors in mind which led to the creation of SanCro. What do they make? Using traditional and artisanal methods, SanCro produces high quality t-shirts.

No piece of clothing is as damaging to the environment as a t-shirt. This is why SanCro decided to create a product which would not showcase the detrimental effects.

The ethical brand manufactures all its tees and sweatshirts while keeping strict adherence to FairWear Foundation’s ethical standards.

Made from 100% organic cotton, SanCro is certified OE 100, GOTS, and OE Blended, which proves their single minded dedication to sustainable apparel.

There’s good news for the Fair Trade community. Nomad Tribe has become the best platform for ethical brands to showcase their Fair Trade clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Go through all the brands that the online ethical marketplace promotes, read their story and support them by ordering today. It’s time you shop right.   

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