How The Slow Fashion Lifestyle Taught Us To Live

June 06, 2016

Fashion Lifestyle If someone asked you to count on one hand how often you succumbed to purchasing the really pretty top from a high street store, would you be able to do it?

What if the item in question was on sale and in just the right color and style - would you still buy it? Of course, who would let go of such a bargain?

The Glow of Bargain Hunting Fades Away Soon After the Purchase

Why? With the convenience of fast fashion also comes the need to have several pieces of additional clothing, that’ll go well with the original purchase. Once consumers realize they’ll have to buy 3 more clothing items just to make the perfect pairing, the original purchase starts losing importance.

What Is Fast Fashion?

It’s a shopping concept where consumers are easily tempted when it comes to making ‘bargain’ purchases. These cheap impulse purchases are made from low quality material. Therefore, overall quantity and long time usefulness is often disregarded.

So, how do we make sure that our purchase choices provide long term benefit to us as well as the world?

Slow Fashion Is the Answer

Slow Fashion Is the AnswerCoined by Kate Fletcher in 2007, slow fashion isn’t a seasonal trend that comes and goes away like other trends.

It’s sustainable. It’s ethical. It’s a fashion movement that has only started gaining momentum. Slow and ethical fashion doesn’t mean consumers should just buy their own yarn, and knit their own sock. It means making the right shopping decisions. You must:

Know What You Have Got

We take shortcuts (especially in the early morning) because it seems easy. Yes, it’s easy and common sense to just reach for our tried and tested wardrobe combinations that we keep at the front. By doing so, we often forget about the clothing items that are pushed far back!

Believe it or not, it’d be easier if you had an idea what pieces of clothing you have. Take out time and do an inventory screening. 

Know What You Want

After conducting the inventory, you’ll know what is there and what’s missing. In short, you’ll know just which item to invest in. Remember: always choose a piece of clothing that you can pair with another piece you already have.

What makes more sense? Buying a handful of new, inexpensive clothing items that is more likely going to see the inside of your wardrobe? Or just one statement shirt that’ll go well with your favorite pair of jeans as well as other already owned items?

While slow fashion has still some way to go, rising consumer awareness about its impact on the environment bring Nomad Tribe to the forefront of the ethical fashion scene.   

Make the right choice. Make an ethical fashion choice.

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