World Day Against Child Labor - Let’s Make This World A Better Place For Children

June 12, 2016

Child Labor Children are our future. We must therefore invest in their future, providing opportunities for growth and development.

However, the world is unkind to kids from third world countries.

While the global number of children trapped in child labor situations has declined by one third since 2000 (from 246 million to 168 million), more than half of this number are working in hazardous conditions.

Prevailing Working Conditions Detrimental To Mental and Physical Health

Not only do the incredibly bad working situations stunt growth and development in children, they also bring additional negative points into the equation. Child prostitution, factory/farm work with low pay, cannon fodder sold to the militia are just some scenarios that children go through in today’s selfish and consumerism oriented world.

Thankfully, reported cases of child labor have declined with global figures showing cases have reduced by a third! Still a lot has to be done. With the World Day against Child Labor coming up, how can we make this world a better place for the children? 

With 168 Million Children Still Trapped… This Is What We Must Do

All supply chains, from agriculture, manufacturing, to services and construction run the risk of using children as their manpower. This is why enterprises need to make sure supply chains under operation are 100% free from child labor.

While the Fair Trade community keeps a severe watch over brands and companies that come under its banner, independent businesses, manufacturers and even ordinary people can do their bit in making the world’s factories and fields a child labor free zone.

Buy From Fair Trade Marketplaces and Brands

You’ll have to dig a little deeper to find brands where buying fair trade and sweatshop-free products is possible.

Nomad Tribe is a great online ethical marketplace where you’ll be able to buy beautiful clothing items, to bags, jewelry and other accessories. Look for the Fair Trade Certified label that ensures the brand adheres to positive practices that don’t involve child labor.

Eat ‘Ethically’

Organic, pesticide-free food is beneficial for you in every way. Make sure to buy food from farmers markets (but first verify their labor practices), U-Pick and Community Supported Agriculture farms.

There’re numerous ways how we can make the world a better place for children. The important thing is to keep them out of factories and sweatshops, and in schools. Support Nomad Tribe in its bid to do just this!  

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