My first time in Cuzco was in 2002, during a family trip that revolved mostly around food and sight seeing. We arrived to Lima and the next day went straight to Cuzco and I absolutely felt in love with it. As Anita Desai once said: Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. In my case, being a fashion designer it was hard to ignore the beauty and the inspiration that I received from everyone and everywhere I looked. The people, the colors and their incredible weaving techniques. Since then I had always wanted to incorporate their magic into my designs... and that is how Nomad Tribe's first collection came to life.

This time the trip was focused in getting to know local artisans, sourcing fabrics and visiting markets. Choosing the patterns and colors, and matching them with my designs was my favorite part. At the same time I partnered with a small business in Lima to source the cotton and make the garments and we ended up establishing a great relationship with them. We combined handmade crafts with modern fabrics working not only with small businesses but also directly with the artisans.