It can be difficult to stay grounded and remember those less fortunate, especially during the holidays or happy occasions. However, just thinking of the difficulties people in less developed communities face isn’t enough. Something has to be done to empower the indigenous, the displaced, and the persecuted.

Nomad Tribe, an online ethical marketplace, does just that. The fashion paradise not only provides a single platform for consumers when it comes to ethical shopping and choices, but also supports brands that follow Fair Trade and work in the development of women.

How Can People Make a Difference In Today’s Increasing Consumerism?

Since its inception, Nomad Tribe has offered distinctive and a wide range of products such as clothes, bags, jewelry and much more manufactured by brands that follow Fair Trade policies to the letter. Created by local craftsmen and workers, most of which consist of women; these brands are helping communities rebuild their lives and find their purpose in the shadows of crippling poverty, disability and lack of resources and education etc.

You can also promote this cause by supporting the brands that believe in equal wage, good working conditions and fair hiring practices. Next time you’re looking for a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the loved ones in your life, consider the following brands;


With the strong belief that the solutions to end poverty can be found by creating economic opportunities, FasionABLE works with women and helps them start small business cooperatives as well as partner with manufacturers who practice fair wages and hiring practices for women.

Dutzi Design inc.

This brand is committed to providing their clients with great design and quality, as well as helping others. Handcrafted by Mayan men and women, all the bags designed here are then made with recycled and all natural materials.

Love Strength

Founded by a mother-daughter team in June 2010, Love Strength combines the best design, ethical fashion and great business acumen to produce an affordable and fashionable clothesline and accessories. All proceeds that come from items made of ikat fabric goes towards empowering indigenous communities and women by promoting cultural preservation and social justice with the help of economic fair trade.

What consumers buy doesn’t matter as much as where they buy it from does. Nomad Tribe is thus the answer for both questions. To find out how many other brands are working for Fair and Ethical trade through Nomad Tribe, visit us today.