The 3 Insights of Ethical Shopping Everyone Should Keep In Mind

January 23, 2016

The concept of fast fashion is slowly evolving and changing for the better. People are now becoming more conscious consumers and as such want to shop ethically. In light of these developments, the fashion industry needs to change the age-old approach of fast fashion where emphasis is placed on cheap, seasonal and throw-away clothing.

This doesn’t mean consumers still don’t look for quality and style when shopping ethically. In fact, this industry is filled to the brim with creativity, genuine talent and design as well as promotion of culture. Indeed, some highly influential players have entered the field of ethical fashion. Interested in making the shift to ethical fashion? Here’s what you should do;

Always Read the Label

Make sure to check the label on clothing that you purchase online or from conventional stores that claim to support ethical fashion and Fair Trade. This will let you know where the clothing was made and what it’s made of. We lend so much care to the food we eat; shouldn’t the same care be placed on the clothes we wear?

Look for clothing made from natural and organic materials. Pay attention to how the piece was manufactured, if any recycled fabric was use etc. A useful hint: stay clear away from labels that read ‘don’t stay close to fire’ or anything with the ‘poly’ prefix.

Ask, ‘Who Made My Clothes’

Thanks to the glossy advertising campaigns that we see on magazines, people have become disconnected from the reality of fashion production. Not only is the industry incredibly labor intensive but big brands and manufacturers fail to take responsibility and provide rights to industry workers, i.e. those who sew and cut our clothes.

Choose brands that pay workers a fair or better living wage. At Nomad Tribe for example, brands such as Mata Traders and Meyelo employ local workers and craftsmen, provides them with equal wage opportunities, also allowing them to stay and work from within their community.  

Look For Small Brands with Great Stories

You’ll certainly realize the value of something exclusive and unique if you ever went to a party wearing the same high-end dress as somebody else. Sometimes, small brands can offer so much more than what expensive ones can. Nomad Tribe offers numerous smaller brands that not are not only family operated and offer quality and design in items, but these brands also have great, inspirational stories to tell.

The added satisfaction of giving something back to the community by supporting businesses that do will make you a proud wearer of even the simplest yet beautiful bracelets by The Brave Collection. See how you can sign up for this great cause!

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