FashionAble – The Brand With A Story

April 15, 2016

It took some years to become a well-known and somewhat popular concept; but ethical fashion has finally arrived on the scene.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t some reluctance when it comes adopting this new trend. Even today, the market for ethical clothing is somewhat stunted.

While there’re various reasons for this reluctance, independent ethical fashion brands have begun to explore different ways by which ethical clothing and accessories can become accepted inside the average consumer circle. Helping out these independent ethical brands is Nomad Tribe, an online market place, where independent brands like Indosole and FashionAble are able to make and sell beautiful fashion statements, while creating a positive social impact.

FashionAble: ‘Who’ Makes Your Stuff Matters; ‘How’ It’s Made Matters Too

As conscious consumers, we need to know more about the items we buy off the shelves - be it food, jewelry or clothing.

Many consumers don’t really think about how something as simple as branded coffee makes its way to the market. Have the farmers been paid fairly for their wages? Have parties been exploited during its production and import? Is child labor utilized?

An independent ethical fashion brand, FashionAble, believes providing an equal economic opportunity to people is an excellent solution to end poverty. Ethical fashion, after all, doesn’t just support the sale of items made from sustainable materials and the concept of Fair Trade, but also the bridging of inequality in wages.

In its crux, FashionAble believes in moving beyond charity and places focus on producing more jobs.

How Is That Accomplished?

FashionAble follows a two-fold strategy to bring about positive change. The ethical fashion brand works with women, helping them start small cooperatives. Fair wages and hiring practices are also followed with several local manufacturers who partner with FashionAble and hire women into the workplace.

Every Product That Comes Out Has a Story

Each and every product promoted by FashionAble is made carefully by women who are masters of their craft, and it clearly shows in the quality of the finished product.

As tradition demands, every beautiful item is named after one of the heroic and beautiful women FashionAble works with. Therefore, every item you purchase comes with a story.

FashionAble provides consumers the chance to be Able with their purchasing decisions. To help them, Nomad Tribe has offered a unique platform where people can collectively make a difference by choosing to buy ethically made products and garments. To be or not to be an ethical consumer is the question you should ask yourself.   

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