In September of 1963, with less than $70 in his pocket, Ricardo Bueso made the journey from Guatemala to the United States, seeking an opportunity for a better future. 

After living in a Greyhound station, serving for the Navy in Vietnam, and graduating college through the GI Bill, Ricardo finally returned to his homeland, where he sought to better the lives of his people.

On February 4th, 1976, a terrible earthquake struck Guatemala, killing thousands and destroying most of the country’s infrastructure. At the time, Ricardo had just launched Avon Products in Central America. With people still in need of hygienic and personal care products, Ricardo saw the immediate opportunity to respond. He equipped all the Avon Ladies in the region with these goods and deployed them across the country to sell directly to the people—something that had never been done before. By creating micro-enterprise opportunities for these women, they were able to reach those most affected and provide a sustainable income for their families. This experience confirmed to Ricardo that the true purpose of business is to create meaningful opportunities for others.

His heart to help people remained strong in everything he did, and in 2012, Ricardo and his family started THX4URHELP Inc., a company solely purposed to give, donating 100% of profits to nonprofits.

Over the next two years, THX4URHELP evolved into The THX Co. What had started in a living room, moved to a coffee shop, and spent time in the back of a church office - has now become a reality, ready to change the world. 

Today, THX is a company; and a company is as good as its people; and the people at this company are true believers in a better way.

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