Kina and Lele are the names behind Siblings Army. The two youngest girls of a bunch of six siblings, all born and raised in a paradise called the Canary Islands. Their unique take on island life comes from their Scandinavian heritage, combining to create a strong esthetic and an appreciation for both traditional technique and forward thinking design.


After Lele got her Degree in Fashion Design from Parsons New York, the sisters wanderlust landed them in Peru. Enchanted by both the ancient and the modern, the colors, the textiles and contentment of the people, the girls decided to stay.


Now they have created their own collection of one of a kind items made in limited quantities. The striking pieces, a blend of modern cuts and traditional Peruvian fabrics, represent a new "hand-made". Their goal is to create a unique brand for him and for her which is unlike the mass produced fashion world that we live in today. Siblings Army aims to make you feel special with one-of-a-kind pieces, made in limited quantity and always high quality. Siblings Army represents individuality, confidence, and personal style. Hand-made by sisters for brothers and sisters.


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