What do you guys mean by Social Impact?

All the brands we carry have a special cause that drives their company as opposed to only being driven by profit. Most of the companies displayed on this site are managed by social entrepreneurs that have identified a social problem and have applied the rules of business to solve them.  

Why is it important?

TWe believe in supporting social entrepreneurship as a way to problem solving. Markets are undeniably a driving force in the world and using them to tackle social problems is not only smart but effective. Check out some of the brands that are not only creating beautiful products but getting results.  We believe that what we collectively choose to buy or not to buy can change the course of this planet.

How do you support socially conscious brands?

We not only feature them at our online and brick and mortar stores in Wynwood and Miami Beach, but we are constantly engaging with them in new and exciting projects. We host at least one pop-up shop a week, we sponsor eco design competitions, and we even promote social networking among our suppliers from which joint ventures have been born.

How do I get my products featured in your store?

Please contact us at info@nomad-tribe.com

What is your return policy?

Simple, don't like it, send it back. 30 days, for more information please visit our refund policy page.