In Nomad Tribe we are all about action, there is no greater gift you can give someone than your time, therefor we are willing to thank you for the time you dedicate to others, as way to remind you that your time is far more valuable than any donation you can make.

Enroll with any of the great charitable organizations doing an amazing job to bring real change around you. Become part of that positive social impact and we will show you our apreciation by giving you up to 20% discount in our store*


1) Click on the Charity of your preference, contact them and let them know you found out about them through Nomad Tribe

2) Enroll with them and do volunteer work with them, help others and fing happiness doing it

3) Let us know about it, get your fashion+social impact card certified with the designated person at the organization and send it to us, we will give you  a 10% 15% or 20% based on the hours you volunteered as a thank you!

4) Repeat! 

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