We are Nomad Tribe

Nomad Tribe is a conscious clothing brand committed to designing a more sustainable future. We travel the world in search of authentic people and traditions and use that as inspiration to create more ethical options for our consumer. 

Valeria Savino - Designer/ Creative director

Traveling, learning and experimenting with creativity is what moves me and keeps me passionate about my job ... I like to think that I'm a true Nomad :) 

Alvaro De Jesus - CEO

I am passionate about sustainability and happy to be living in a time where the rules of the game are being redefined by you, the consumer. 

Joanis Duran - Director of Sales and Operations

In todays society there are 3 essential pillars that I believe is on everyones mind: climate change, human and animal rights. By staying woke, demand change and make better purchasing decisions from retail shopping to food consumption.