We are Nomad Tribe

Nomad Tribe is a conscious clothing brand committed to designing a more sustainable future. We travel the world in search of authentic people and traditions and use that as inspiration to create more ethical options for our consumer. 

Valeria Savino - Designer/ Creative director

I'm interested in the special relation we have with the clothes we love to wear. Creating beautiful and useful garments is what moves me and keeps me passionate about my job... Artisans around the world are my biggest inspiration.

Alvaro De Jesus - CEO

I am passionate about sustainability and happy to be living in a time where the rules of the game are being redefined by you, the consumer. 

Joanis Duran - Director of Operations & Sales

In today's society, there are 3 essential pillars needing radical change: climate change, human and animal rights. It's time to get uncomfortable, hold thought-provoking conversations and build an inclusive future.