September 24, 2018

Nomad tribe reveals alter series AW18 collection:
COMMITted to circular economy


Designer: Valeria Savino 
IG @Valeria Savino

Model: Danié Gómez-O 
IG @Journeyofabraid

Photographer: Frederic Pinet 
IG @Frederic Pinet

Styling: Johanne Wilson & Vanessa Charly
IG @CoolCreativeInc

Hair Accessories: Joanis Duran
IG @KalaniandWolf

Press & sales

Miami, September 24, 2018. Nomad Tribe reveals 2018 Alter Series Collection Editorial Campaign featuring Danié Gómez-O, Journalist of Journey of A Braid. The images illuminate the autonomy of indigenous women voicing their self-expression through their braids as a statement to keep culture in the forefront. Shot along side photographer Frederic Pinet, who captured Designer Valeria Savino, elaborate details by emphasizing her designs on each reconstructed garment. Alter Series is ecological, innovative and iconic in every statement piece. Representing the denim waste produced globally to one key element: reviving post-consumer waste life cycle is the stepping stone to circular economy.

Nomad Tribe is committed to producing ethically and sustainably without compromising their impact on the environment. Alter Series is produced in their Little River Lab utilizing only post consumer denim waste. Being their first handmade collection produced in the US it drastically cuts down on their carbon footprint versus producing overseas and new fabrics. In its efforts raising awareness on post consumer waste, educating, recycling their consumers unwanted clothes, they’ve launched The Green Nomad Project a recycling program aimed to eliminate textile waste. 1,500 pounds of unwanted clothes have been collected by the brand and counting.