At Nomad Tribe we have partnered with long time friends, OSOMtex to recycle every piece of clothing we make. Thats right! for every piece we sell we actually recycle another piece of old garments and turn it into a new re-purposed product. 

Reuse - reduce - recycle. We turn old clothing into new thread and keep them from ending up on our landfills thus reducing the footprint we leave on our environment .-->


OUR process


We don't throw anything away, everything we can reuse we do. So when a product is no longer wearable we use it as raw material for another


We strive to generate as little waste as possible. But whatever waste is created we also take into our equation and repurpose it. 


With technology, we turn old clothing into brand new thread with with we make new clothing.


Our goal is to have as little impact in the environment as possible, so we urge you to recycle your clothing. Here is a couple of things you can do.

We design our garments to last a lifetime, but we understand that some garments might suffer from terrible accidents. If you need to dispose of a Nomad Tribe piece you can bring it to our locations on Wynwood and Little River and we'll make sure we can repurpose it. If you are not in Miami, please don't ship your products to us, that will only ad to the carbon footprint, instead go to your local Goodwill and donate your old clothes. We keep track of everything we sell and recycle the same amount of pieces we put out there.

Support OSOM BRAND™, the first 100% fully recycled product to hit our marketplace, these sucks are make from discarded old garments that are donated all over the US. All of their products are made entirely of our high quality up-cycled thread from discarded garments, saving thousands of tons of textile waste from going to landfill. Because is no need for virgin fibers, no Water or Dyes are used to make our clothes.As designers and creators we focus all our energy in making great products out of the most magnificent threads and fabrics ever created.

We are Miami based jewelry designers and makers. We like to create pieces that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful for the person that is wearing them. Our designs are simple and minimal, meant to be worn every day. They are made with quality materials: sterling silver, copper, seed beads, and colorful threads are our favorites. Each piece is handmade with love in our home studio in North Miami.