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Nomad Tribe is an ethical fashion marketplace for all brands that are about creating a positive social impact while making beautiful fashion statements. We like to support entrepreneurs that like ourselves use the tools of business and the art form of fashion to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges like, poverty, disabilities, access to education and environmental problems.

We believe that what we collectively choose to buy or not to buy can change the course of this planet.

Discover some of the brands that are changing the world and support them!

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Indosole: The idea for Indosole was conceived on a surf trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2004. A couple of young Californians were struck by the environmental issues faced by Indonesians, and inspired by an unusual pair of sandals they found there. By combining these two things, they created a unique solution to the problem of pollution in Indonesia in the form of a product that was both fashionable and functional.

Repurposing” is an art of transformation. We learned this from our commitment to the local Balinese crafts people, the wise and resourceful artisans who taught us that waste could be reimagined, transformed into something purposeful. Through our strong relationship, we have saved thousands of tires from overflowing and overcrowded Indonesian landfills. And the thing is, we’ve only started to get our hands dirty. The more tires we save means a lower production of tire-derived fuel on the island, less landfills; and also, more shoes, more ideas, and an altogether healthier way of living.

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SanCrò started in Florence in 2012 with the vision of creating original, sustainable and high quality t-shirts using traditional artisanal methods.

All tees and sweatshirts are manufactured according to strict FairWear Foundation ethical standards, which respect workers’ rights in developing countries, and are all 100% organic cotton. Our textile manufacturers are certified GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended and proof of our total dedication to sustainable apparel.

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FashionABLE: We believe that the solutions to ending poverty lie in creating economic opportunity, and that lasting change happens when we move beyond charity and focus on producing jobs that promote dignity.

So our strategy is two-fold.  We work with women to help them start small business cooperatives, and we partner with and require manufacturers to also employ women with fair wages & fair hiring practices.

Every fashionABLE product is named after one of the heroic women we work with. That means every product has a story behind it. The women so carefully and lovingly weave and craft our items are now ABLE to do something because of your purchase.

Who makes your stuff matters. How it’s made matters. Join us and #livefashionABLE.

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Pura vida: During a visit to a small community in Costa Rica, they crossed paths with two men named Jorge and Joaquin who were peddling bracelets on the street. The colorful bracelets were handmade in a simple way that seemed to capture the essence of their journey. When they first met Jorge and Joaquin, they were living in a single room with three beds shared by several other members of their family. Seeing this, Paul and Griffin asked them if they would be willing to make 400 bracelets to take back to the United States with them. Jorge was delighted to make such a sell, and the guys were thrilled to help them out, but to everyones good fortune, soon after returning to the states their friendship blossomed into a full-fledged business relationship.


Here at Pura Vida Bracelets we aim to do more than just provide jobs for artisans in Costa Rica. That is how the Charity Collection was born. The Charity Collection was created to give back to charities all over the world through the sale of individual charity bracelets. In 2013 we were able to donate over $140,000 to 190+ charity organizations and we’ve only grown since then. On top of that, we’re a 1% for the Planet Member donating back to over forty 1% for the Planet non-profit partners through our Enviro-Causes Charity Collection. From the protection of our ocean habitats to cancer research, we try to support as many causes and organizations as possible.




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Symbology is an ethical fashion label that fuses artisan textiles with fashion forward designs to bring authentic apparel to the boutique market. We bring a fresh spin to centuries-old artistic traditions by interpreting them into a modern, sexy collection.  We envision fashion as a platform to empower the poor, preserve traditional arts and connect women worldwide. With each Symbology purchase, our customer has invested in a fashionable, one-of-a-kind piece that empowers women across the globe.

3 central benefits with Symbology

   • Employ marginalized artisans, with a special focus on women

   • Preserve traditional artforms threatened by globalization

   • Connect women worldwide through fashion

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Matter prints: We rely heavily on artisan knowledge and local input to influence our design, creating a collaborative approach that acknowledges this expertise. All designs are a result of hands on dialogue and iteration. We don’t see our partners as just producers, but experts of their craft and collaborators.

Ours is a trans-seasonal model with a fixed number of pants styles, where variety occurs in the type of fabric or prints used. Limited product variety enables artisan groups to excel at quality construction, while allowing us to innovate within the fabric medium.


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Lalesso is a luxury african fashion and lifestyle brand. it supports entirely transparent, sustainable, eco and ethical production facilities in kenya and south africa. co creators alice heusser and olivia kennaway seek inspiration from the vibrant east african khanga cloth in the print rich designs. the exclusively summer label engulfs an effortless sense of freedom through it’s classic yet uniquely distinguishable silhouettes.

Alice and Olivia are children of Africa and have been wrapped in its mesmerising fabrics since birth. Having met whilst studying Fashion Design in Cape Town, the pair were inspired to start Lalesso after travelling to the remote Island of Lamu in the North of Kenya where the coastal Swahili women adorn the khanga cloth with a unique vibrancy and graciousness.

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Koru Swimwear began with an idea to provide eco-friendly swimwear for women who seek quality, function, fashion-forward trends, and a sense of environmental responsibility. 

Designers, Julie Brockmeyer Stine and April Slater, wanted to incorporate eco-friendly fabrics and responsible textile manufacturing processes to swimwear for both sport and leisure.  

Julie drew inspiration from her New Zealand roots to create the Koru Swimwear brand.   Because New Zealand is considered to be one of the most environmentally responsible countries on the planet, everything that goes into the production of this line is with an eco-minded approach - from the recycled hangtags, to the organic cotton accessory bags they come in, and, of course, to the production of the fabric.

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Solkissed Swimwear designer Alejandra Boggiano, was raised along the Pacific Ocean with sand in her toes and salt in her hair. Born in Miraflores, Peru, spending her younger years in Iquique, Chile and growing up in sunny San Diego, CA. Alejandra’s love from fashion started at a very early age, flipping through fashion magazines, circling up outfits and dreaming of one day being able to wear them.

Alejandra wanted to create a line that tied her Latin roots with her fun and laidback Californian sensibilities but new found love for the City that never sleeps- And with her love of sunny days and beaches in mind, Solkissed Swimwear was born.

From the beginning, Alejandra counted with the support of her family to turn the brand into what it is today, specially the support of her mother, Ana Maria Quintana-Gurt, who now works full-time with Solkissed, taking care of everything production in Lima, Peru. Alejandra’s family oriented mission has remained with the brand, maintaining a commitment to work with women micro-entrepreneurs who sew from their homes while being able to take care of their families and receiving fair-trade pay for their work.

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Dutzi Design inc. is committed to great design, quality and helping others. All bags are designed by Ariane Dutzi and handcrafted by Mayan men and women. Dutzi Designworks with recycled and natural material. We love our planet and the people, who inhabit it.

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KHAMA Founded in 2012, its name meaning ‘hard work’, KHAMA is an accessories brand built on collaboration between designers, creatives and makers in London and Kasungu, Malawi. We believe in exceptional design and work with a variety of artisans and makers in our workshop in the town as well as in the surrounding villages to handcraft beautiful, unique items.

The people we work with receive a fair wage, training and the opportunity to become financially independent. Our materials are also sourced locally, which benefits the wider community and further helps to reinvigorate the textiles industry in Malawi. We strongly believe that trade is a better long term option than aid in developing countries.

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Sseko Designs is a fashion brand based in Uganda. In addition to handbags and accessories, we make beautiful leather sandals with interchangeable fabric straps that can be styled in hundreds of ways.

Sseko began as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women to continue on to university. And it is working! Every woman who has graduated from Sseko is currently pursuing her college degree or has graduated from university and is on her way to making our world a more beautiful place.

In addition to our university-bound team, Sseko also employs women from all walks of life. By creating an environment of dignity, honor and dedication, Sseko Designs provides the opportunity for women in East Africa to end the cycle of poverty and create a more equitable society. We believe that every woman has a dream. When she has the opportunity to pursue those dreams, we are collectively walking towards a brighter and more just and beautiful world.

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Nomad Tribe is a Fair Trade clothing and accesories company with the mission of connecting different cultures through fashion.

We manufacture all around the world in partnertship with local craftsmen and small family owned shops, thus creating job opportunities in developing countries. Nomad is also a proud sponsor of social entrepreneurs around the world and makes collaborations with them in special collections.

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A.A.K.S. In a small tranquil village in the Northern region of Ghana, hamlets scatter over the savannah as far as your eyes can see. A group of local artisan weavers sit under a huge baobab tree laughing away, on close inspection you see piles of colourful raffia and in between the noise of chatter and laughter these women are hard at work. Their hands move so skilfully and with an innate knowledge tending to a craft that has been handed down by generations.

This craft is the art of weaving. Using skills and techniques that are unique to this part of Ghana, the craftsmanship is the foundation of our brand. This is where A A K S handbags are made. The bags are woven incorporating the use of raffia and leather. It takes approximately one week to complete a handbag. This attests to our unwavering dedication to modern style and interpretations using traditional methods.

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Inkkas: In 2004, Texas native Evan Streusand discovered his first pair of Peruvian boots while backpacking through South America. At first hesitant of the idea of wearing a colorful, native looking boot with lambskin lining, he decided to blend in with the locals and add some flair to his adventure. Streusand loved his new look and realized that the mix of traditional Incan textiles and the modern boot silhouette made for a very stylish product. This discovery eventually led him to bringing these handcrafted boots to the United States...and thus beginning Fortress of Inca.
Handmade in Peru to this day, Fortress of Inca channels a free-spirited and elegant lifestyle, while bringing the finest quality leather and other natural materials to each pair of shoes. Each collection features designs that boast originality, intricate detailing, and comfort.
Fortress of Inca is based in Austin, Texas and sells to independent retailers all around the USA.

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Mata Traders: Mata products are original designs handmade in India and Nepal by women’s cooperatives and artisan groups that practice fair trade principles. This means that our producers are paid a livable wage in safe and fair conditions, and do their work at home and in small workshops rather than factories.  Services like on-site day-care, medical check-ups, and over-time pay are offered.

Every year thousands of children migrate to the megacities of India to find work and send money back to their families.   Providing income to women at poverty level is a way to combat the problem of child labor at its roots.  The change can be seen not only in the life of the woman employed by the co-op, but especially in the next generation, and the children the woman can afford to educate.

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Meyelo: Empowering artisans with sustainable income through their craft is the inspiration for Meyelo. Investing in small business in developing countries brings social and economic change.  

Every purchase provides our artisans with a source of fair trade income, support for their community, and a global platform for their work. 

Many skilled artisans have limited access to education and economic opportunity.  We provide training programs in business practices to ensure the understanding of the global market. We permanently invest in the future of our artisans and their communities by giving a portion of our proceeds back into the growth of their small businesses. With every purchase, you are helping provide for their families and support their community. Currently, we employ over 80 artisans in Kenya.

Our long-term investment in helping others is the foundation of our business model. We work in community development with Maasai villages and provide access to education, water, farming co-ops and medical needs. We empower women, girls and their communities with sustainable programs.

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STATE BAGS has your back. And part of that commitment is making a difference in local kids’ lives. STATE was created to address the immediate needs of American children living with challenging – and in some cases critical - circumstances. For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack - packed with essential tools for success - to an American child in need; but our commitment goes beyond simply a material donation.

Our BAG DROPS are where the real work is done. Our team of “PackMen” and "PackWomen" lead motivational rallies that leave participating kids with a renewed spirit and belief in themselves (not to mention brand new STATE backpacks). We hope the results of our Bag Drop events will propel them to be agents of change in their communities and beyond.

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Love Strength: Lovestrength was founded by mother and daughter team Deborah Cappellazo and Wendy Beaumont in June 2010 . After several years of dreaming together about the possibilities, they decided to join forces and fuse their love of design, fashion and business into a brand they wanted to share with the world.

All proceeds from the sales of any lovestrength item that uses the ikat fabric, goes directly towards the empowerment of women and indigenous communities by promoting social justice and cultural preservation through economic fair trade.

We, at lovestrength, source our ikat fabric from a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation. By working with such amazing people, we are allowed to give even more. When you purchase a lovestrength design with the beautiful ikat fabric, you allow talented artisians to take control of their lives, send their children to school, and improve their communities.

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Siblings Army: After Lele got her Degree in Fashion Design from Parsons New York, the sisters wanderlust landed them in Peru. Enchanted by both the ancient and the modern, the colors, the textiles and contentment of the people, the girls decided to stay.

Now they have created their own collection of one of a kind items made in limited quantities. The striking pieces, a blend of modern cuts and traditional Peruvian fabrics, represent a new "hand-made". Their goal is to create a unique brand for him and for her which is unlike the mass produced fashion world that we live in today. Siblings Army aims to make you feel special with one-of-a-kind pieces, made in limited quantity and always high quality. Siblings Army represents individuality, confidence, and personal style. Hand-made by sisters for brothers and sisters.

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The Brave Collection: Exposed to design and travel from a young age, Jessica Hendricks was born in Paris and grew up outside Manhattan with eyes glued to the cases in her mother’s jewelry shop. Fascinated by indigenous cultures and spirituality, Hendricks traveled to Cambodia to teach English during her studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She was mesmerized by the tangled synthesis of both the beautiful and heartbreakingly violent past of this small Buddhist country in the wake of genocide, and the reality of human trafficking. Combining her love of jewelry and philanthropic spirit, Jessica was inspired to create a collection to celebrate this unique community, and connect courageous women across the globe.

Our goal is to provide job opportunities to talented artisans, exposing them to a global customer and collaborating creatively. Additionally, 10% of our profits are donated to fight human trafficking in Cambodia. We work with partners on the ground to support programming that empowers vulnerable Cambodian girls.

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Sackcloth + ashes: Founder of Sackcloth & Ashes, Bob Dalton, was inspired to help the homeless population when his mother, a hardworking single mother, found herself living on the streets in 2013. 

Because of his mother’s story, Bob realized that not all choose to become homeless - that some just need a second chance. He began to call homeless shelters in his area to ask what they needed. They all said blankets. That’s when he founded Sackcloth & Ashes.

We sell high quality blankets worldwide. For every blanket you purchase, we will give a blanket to your local homeless shelter.

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JadeYoga began in earnest in 2000 after we learned of the fundamental problem with most yoga mats on the market at that time - they were slippery. As we were already making natural rubber rug pads, we approached the problem from that angle and developed Harmony, the first natural rubber yoga mat.

JadeYoga support many causes, among them they plant a tree for every mat sold, so far planting over 800.000 trees. They also  have a“Community Partners” program where they also try to help out many very special people and organizations trying to bring yoga to those who might benefit from it, but might not otherwise have a chance to try - from schools to prisons and from hospitals to shelters

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Bluma project is a Brooklyn, NYC-based jewelry and accessories company which began with a passion for global influence on contemporary design and a love of hand-crafted work. In the last 3 years, bluma has fostered strong relationships with women’s producer groups in East and West Africa, Peru and the Philippines where the collection is made.

The company’s founder, Beth Schaeffer, has successfully worked as a designer throughout her career in New York City and is supported by other designers, buyers and editors. She has travelled extensively to source design, and specifically to Rwanda, Ghana, and Peru to train women in advanced jewelry making skills.

The result is intricate, bold, beautiful jewelry, textiles and accessories; inspired by our travels, but with a modern aesthetic that appeals to the fashion customer. Having these pieces produced around the globe brings authenticity to the work and helps to build sustainable income for artisans practicing their craft.



WEWOOD The brainchild of an Italian watch lover and two eco-smart entrepreneurs, WEWOOD fashions wooden timepieces from mostly scrap-wood and uses state-of-the-art Miyota movements for the guts, a hybrid of technology and nature resulting in a unique watch that's both handsome and earth friendly. 

The first timepiece was designed in Florence, Italy (2010) and with the widespread craving for newstalgia and eco-friendly ethos, WEWOOD hit the scene as the avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability. Later that year, WEWOOD opened a branch in Los Angeles and teamed up with tree-planting-partners 'American Forests' and 'Trees For The Future'. 

With this cohesive collaboration, the goal is to help restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time, by planting a tree for every WeWOOD purchased. Since 2011, WEWOOD has planted 300,000 trees with its partners and sets challenging targets for 2015 and beyond. Keeping forests healthy and happy keeps us healthy and happy, we like to keep our reminder on our wrist.

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Dogeared was born on the beautiful beaches of Southern California in 1991. Founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke believed jewelry could be both beautiful and meaningful, and her idea that jewels should speak sparked the creative journey now known as Dogeared.

Dogeared believes good things happen. The brand is more than a jewelry line and embraces the stories, happy moments, milestones and experiences… that celebrate, connect and inspire customers. Each piece tells a story of individuality, self-expression, love, and friendship. Dogeared jewels are simple, modern, and versatile, inspired by California’s free spirited, natural beauty. Subtle classics, eclectic statements and true originals… designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness and handcrafted to order in their Southern California Studio.

Dogeared lives by their philosophy that what goes around comes around by handcrafting everything locally, respecting the planet, and partnering with non-profit organizations that share their vision of a better world. As a certified B-Corporation, Dogeared is proud to be part of a community of companies developing better business practices, creating new ways to measure success, working with dignity and purpose, and using business as a force for good.

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Duho is a Miami based brand dedicated to promote Latin culture around the world through Music. Since its beginings Duho has been creating opportunities for new talent from Latin America and giving them tools to showcase their music around the world.

Giving young artists the opportunity to persue their dreams, and through hard work and dedication earn a living in the arts means that there are more young people focusing on making it and less likely to fall into poverty, drugs or crime.

Through our platform we have helped hundreds of artists showcase their music and reach people around the world.

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Kahiniwalla was established in 2010 by Austin and Marita Miller. Upon his return from work as a product designer with Mennonite Central Committee's job creation program in Bangladesh, Austin wanted to continue helping to provide employment for the poor of Bangladesh and decided to do so by distributing their high quality handmade products in North America.

Kahiniwalla is a business which distributes Fair Trade products and tells the story behind those products. Where the businesses providing the products do not have an established brand for themselves or their products we seek to help them establish that brand, thereby adding value to the products which they can deliver to their customers. This not only gives them wider recognition in the marketplace but it also helps them to streamline their process; greatly increasing their capacity, quality and growth potential.