We Give the curious consumer creative options to live a more sustainable life

This is how we are building a greener future in collaboration with you, the Tribe!


Turning textile waste into new products. We collect thousands of unwanted old garments and recycle them into new fabrics to make our new collections.


Come for the best shopping experience of your life! The alter series will make you fall in love with your old clothes again. Book your spot at our next event!


More companies are making efforts to be more sustainable. This is where we come in. Check out some of our collaborations and shop these unique products!

① 100% Recycle

Thanks to our tribe we have been able to keep thousands of garments off landfill. We collect all kinds of old garments, then we sort them and give them a second life by shredding them and making new fabric in Guatemala, where we manufacture our 100% recycled collection.

① Send us your unwanted clothing, we will make sure they don't end up in landfill

Shop our recycled collection

② Alter Series

This is the best shopping experience ever! 

The most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own. 

Join us in an event like no other. Design, create, collaborate and create unique pieces while taking a sip and listening to great DJs.

③ Special projects

Wonderful companies are making great efforts to reduce waste. This is where we come in! we look for opportunities to use the waste other companies produce to make one of a kind consumer products

Let us know if you would like to team up with us!

Check out some of the current projects.