October 8, 2018

The Green Nomad Project Exhibition by Valeria Savino
Co-Founder & Creative Director of Nomad Tribe,
October 20, 2018 at Casa Florida in the 1 Hotel

At the peak of Sustainable Fashion gaining momentum through the lenses of social media, Savino found herself submersing and uncovering this world by incorporating sustainable raw materials, artisan practices into her designs.

When asked about her art exhibition, Savino said, “After the last 3 years learning about sustainability, I believe that the easier way to create awareness about the environment and textile waste is through public art installations. Starting this conversation in parks, bars, places we hangout with family and friends will reach and inspire people. Recycling needs to be fun and part of our everyday life for people to start thinking and adopting better habits when buying and disposing of our clothes.” 

Thanks to Casa Florida’s owner Gaston Gonzalez and the 1 Hotel who both share a strong vision in sustainability through their nature inspired decor, where innovators and makers gather to spread the word that there is no Planet B.

Hotel residents and guests are requested to bring their unwanted clothes and drop them in The Green Nomad Project Recycling Bins located in the venue. For every donation, Casa Florida will give the donors 1 glass of their famous Pink Flamingo drink on the house. 

Miami, FL, Release on October 8, 2018. A new exhibition by Valeria Savino opens October 20, 2018 at 8pm, at the Casa Florida located in the 1 Hotel, Miami Beach, FL. The exhibition features a series of Flamingos created from post consumer waste, will be displayed until October 31, 2018.

 More information about the exhibition please reach you to: Joanis Duran via email at 

In the exhibition ‘The Green Nomad Project,’ Valeria Savino uses the power of post consumer waste to create animals native to the state of Florida. Every flamingo captures the imagination, educates, raises awareness on Fast Fashion and the threats it poses on the future of humanity, animals and our planet. Since the launch of this project nearly 1,500 pounds of unwanted textile waste from Miamians, collaborations with the Miami Fashion Institute, local woman owned boutiques have been collected and removed from ending in landfills and oceans around the globe.

The artist takes you into a cozy-tropical oasis surrounded with palm trees resembling their natural habitat found on the second floor of the 1 Hotel now home to Casa Florida, Miami Beach, FL. 

More information about the exhibition please contact:

Contact info:
Name: Joanis Duran
Business: Nomad Tribe
Address: 8291 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138
Email: joanis@nomad-tribe.com
Phone: 954-829-7093


Artist: Valeria Savino
IG @ValeriaSavino

Photography: Kendrick Vasquez
IG @Hgab_