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Purpose Jewelry

    • Handcrafted by young women escaping human trafficking
    • 100% of proceeds go to International Sanctuary 
    • Sustainably sourced product of Uganda
    • Lightweight, durable and versatile Ankole Horn
    • .75" width

    These cute studs can be worn three ways. The small hammered center studs can be worn alone or combined with the included cream or caramel colored Ankole Horn backing discs. You’ll have multiple ways to compliment your easy summer look.

    Our artisans in Kampala love working with Ankole Horn and are proud to have it represent their country to the world.

    Ankole Cow Horn is a natural product known for unique and beautiful color variationsr anging from ivory black to caramel and creamy white. Like fingerprints, no two polished pieces are alike. When you purchase PURPOSE horn products, you’re empowering girls and women seeking freedom and helping to ensure a sustainable local economy.

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