Dreamcatchers with gems

Divine Nature

The dreamcatcher has been used as a symbol of protection for generations. Hung high above the headboard of the bed of the dreamer it is believed to act like a 'filter' allowing good dreams and dreams that benefit the growth of the individual to easily pass through the eye of the web and slide down the feathers to be experienced by the dreamer below, while also filtering out and catching the 'bad' dreams which don't know the way through and get entangled in the web.

In this design we see the dream of creation being woven into the fabric of reality. The central web itself is a Merkaba field, (two interlocking tetrahedrons one pointing up, one pointing down) and shows the 'great mothers' creational pattern being woven into existence.

When you wear these earrings remember to reconnect to the web of all life..  just as spirit weaves form out of no-thing you too contain the magic within you to weave and create your own webs of experience, love and laughter.


Made of High Quality brass, free of Nickel a great addition to your Goddess wardrobe.


We work directly with a small family run business in the heart of Rajasthan, India to coproduce these beautiful pieces.


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