Egyptian Heart Scarab Necklace

Divine Nature

The Scarab was revered in ancient Egypt and images of the scarab were made into amulets and jewellery and worn for protection. The Scarab itself symbolises rebirth, regeneration, new creation, immortality and resurrection. The symbolism behind the scarab comes from the stories of one of the ancient Egyptian deities 'Khepri'. Khepri a Sun god, known as 'the shining one' or 'he who is coming into being'.

This pendent is beautiful and elegant in its portrayal of these themes. The scarab holds high above its head the Sun illuminating and bright, with wings fully open and outstretched for protection as it transcends the earthly realms to be reborn and transformed into the eternal. We are reminded we too are 'coming into being', we 'shine bright' and we remember that we are immortal beings of love and light, continually being reborn and transformed .


Made of High Quality brass, free of Nickel a great addition to your Goddess wardrobe.


We work directly with a small family run business in the heart of Rajasthan, India to coproduce these beautiful pieces.


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