Golden Leaf Ring

Divine Nature

Trees are the lungs of the earth. Forests not only provide shelter for earths creatures, but the trees that make up these forests breathe life into our atmosphere converting C02 into breathable Oxygen, leaves are the fruit of our trees and help nourish and heal the planet. Leaves have been symbolic of fertility and growth, embracing the natural cycles and seasons and flowing with the natural law of giving and receiving. First the leaf receives life force energy from the tree itself to shoot and grow into its own, then as the seasons change it lets go with non attachment, falling back to the earth and  giving itself back to the tree to fertilise the soil. 

As we ourselves embrace change and the natural cycles of the universe we allow ourselves to 'turn over new leaves' or chapters in our lives, with non attachment trusting the law of giving and receiving and knowing that the more we give others the more we open to receiving abundance from the universe in our lives too. Wear this ring and let it remind you of the natural cycles and abundance in your life.

Made of high quality Brass, free of nickel a great addition to your goddess wardrobe.

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