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Cuzco Hoodie

One word: cozy! You will not want to get out of this hoodie, it is soft, really soft, we use the softest peruvian cotton so you can really feel the difference. It will quickly become your favorite when you want to look great and feel comfortable. The hand knitted alcapa wool pocket is booth a fashion and ethical statement. Its been handcrafted by skilled artisans in Peru. 

This Hoodie is crafted by skilled Peruvian workers in collaboration with Peruvian artisans.  The hand knitted trim represents your appreciation and contribution to help artisans keep their traditions alive and secure a bright future for them and their families. Wear it with pride.


Hoodie: 100% Alpaca wool, hand crafted by peruvian artisans

Trim: 100% Cotton hand knitted trim.

Color: Black

$ 68.00

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