Honey Comb Ring (Semi Adjustable)

Divine Nature

Bees have long been considered sacred and divine gifts of the gods with stories reaching all the way back through history. Bees have been thought to be bringers of good luck and to attract wealth into ones life, as honey is so rich in its colour, sweetness and medicinal benefits. The home of the honey bee is the honeycomb itself. This is where the bees raise their young and store food. Protective and nurturing this web of life houses their community and promotes interconnectedness. A Bees survival depends on the fact that it is part of a community and shows us that by working together we can thrive. When we work as a team and support each other we become more productive and are able to enjoy the sweet nectar and rewards of our hard labor.

When you wear this ring be reminded of the hard working qualities of the bee and community to bring around abundance into your life.

Adjustable, made of high quality brass, free from nickel.

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