Infinite Spiral Earrings

Divine Nature

The Spiral has long been a symbol of intrigue and awe through out quite possibly all peoples and cultures of our history.

We can find it depicted in the earliest stone carvings of prehistoric man, the spiral truly is a powerful archetype, held strongly throughout time in our collective consciousness. We can recognise the spiral all around us in nature, from different plants, ferns, sunflowers, to nautilus shells, tornados and more. Even within our own bodies the DNA helix forms a spiral pattern and the heavenly bodies and the galaxies in the sky follow the path of the spiral. It is no wonder it has held such reverence and continues to provoke thought amongst people over such a long time period.  

The Spiral can have many interpretations, representing eternity, change, growth, continued evolution and the journey of consciousness. It can be used to help focus the mind, as we come back to its centre & then choose when and which direction to spiral out from. 

​These earrings connect us back to the heart of the spiral, reminding us we can always return back to centre and choose a new beginning and new path. As we ride the spiral we learn that we move and pass by the same points over and over again, but with each passing of the spiral we find we gain new vantage points and different perspectives then we previously had before, allowing us to make new choices and grow and evolve.

Made of high quality brass free from nickel a great addition to your Goddess wardrobe.


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