Lotus Drop Earrings

Divine Nature

The Lotus flower also known as 'Padma' has long been a symbol found in ancient culture, used to represent the ascension of consciousness and the unfolding manifestation of the universe. It can represent wisdom, eternity, beauty, creation of life, divinity and enlightenment.

The Lotus has many symbolic stories attached to it and it is mostly characterised and symbolised through stories representing the most exalted states of human experience. As the lotus grows it starts its humble beginnings in murky, muddy waters, but inside the Lotus a yearning for the light, a yearning to grow propels it upwards, it breaks beyond the surface of the water and illuminated by the Sun it blossoms open, revealing its divine delicate petals. The Lotus teaches us the path of ascension, rising up out of the murky dark 'unconscious' and being re-birthed and transformed, remembering our own divinity and opening into our own beauty. 

Made of high quality brass from of nickel a great addition to your Goddess wardrobe.

We partner with a small family run business in the heart of Rajasthan. 

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