OM Enlightenment Yoga Earrings

Divine Nature

At the centre of these beautiful pieces the 'thousand petalled lotus' sits the symbol OM, the 1st primordial sound/vibration to come out of the 'great abyss'.  Associated with the crown chakra 'sahasrara', it connects us to infinite consciousness, universal wisdom, divine knowledge, and transcendence. Located at the crown of our heads, it is the gateway into enlightenment. the vibration OM itself is believed to encompass all words and all sounds expressed, therefore encapsulating the whole universe within it. 

When you wear these pieces be reminded that enlightenment has never been something that has lived outside of us, it is always within us, just waiting for the right conditions to be remembered and revealed. 

Made of High quality brass, free of nickel a great addition to your Goddess wardrobe.

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