Phoenix Rising Earrings

Divine Nature

These earrings depict the outstretched wings of the Phoenix constantly expanding and reaching its wings outwards until it finds it has reached the borders of limitations and growth in its initial form. From here it then burns itself up and returns to start the whole process again, however this time it grows with new awareness, carrying its essence with it but allowing its form to change. 

One thing is absolute: change and transformation are unavoidable and just like the Phoenix we each have free will and choice in the process of how we recreate ourselves. We can choose to ignore the fact that change is coming and continue to struggle and hold onto our old forms and patterns, ultimately to be burned up anyway. Or, we can choose to prepare ourselves for the oncoming natural cycles and changes and make ourselves a nest to support the fire of transformation so it burns quickly and smoothly.

These earrings symbolise the power of free will and choice, of accepting and embracing transformation knowing that it may get a little hot and heavy for a short time but that ultimately you will be born again wiser, stronger and with a new understanding and awareness of yourself and life.


Made of High Quality brass, free of Nickel a great addition to your Goddess wardrobe.


We work directly with a small family run business in the heart of Rajasthan, India to coproduce these beautiful pieces.


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