Sacred Yoni Earrings Brass

Divine Nature

These earrings are so beautiful in their portrayal of the sacred Yoni. The hollowed womb or space represents the great eternal mother, and the creative power that lies within us to birth new life, ideas, creativity and love into this world. As we move out of the great formless abyss we travel through the dimensional opening of the Yoni portal and spring into life and form. When you wear these earrings you are reminded of the eternal creative power that lives within you and the power you have to create. Whether that be new projects, ideas, life, music or whatever else it is your heart desires. 

Yoni is an ancient word of sanskrit origins and is not only a word used to describe female genitalia, but represents the creative power of the universe and the universal energy force that flows through it -'Shakti'. Yoni has been translated to mean, cosmic womb, sacred temple/space, place of origin and really is the dimensional portal and gateway into birthing new life into the universe, or some call it the Yoni-verse.


Made of high quality brass, free from Nickel these earrings are a great addition to your Goddess wardrobe.

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