Wings of Isis Earrings

Divine Nature

As an Egyptian Goddess Isis is one of the most Powerful. She is recognised through the ages with many symbols including one of her most famous, her outstretched wings. She is a Goddess of Magic, Nature, Fertility, Rebirth and Death, to name but just a few of her attributes. As a Goddess of the Wind she sores high above the ground. She is the Mother over looking and protecting her people and loved ones. With wings outstretched she embraces, protects and fans magic and renewed life back to those who have lost their way. She is fierce and yet Compassionate.

When we wear her wings we are reminded of the magic that lives within us. That to truly fly in this life we must stretch out our own wings, we must reach for the stars and sore above our own self doubts and limits, knowing and trusting that we will be caught by the wind and guided back to our thrones, where we each take our seats as the Gods and Goddesses that we each are, imbuing and sharing our own unique gifts to the world.

Made of High quality brass, free of Nickel, a perfect addition to the Goddess in you.

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